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Shinji: But you always teased me. All that sex stuff, and the skimpy clothes, and Misato: Oh, come on, Shinji, I was just teasing! Look, kid, there's only one man in my life, and you aren't him. Don't read too much into things that aren't meant to be taken seriously! I was just teasing you, that's all. I'll admit it went too far, and I'm sorry if it hurt you, but I'm telling you right now that I don't view you that way at all. It's important that you understand that.

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Films — Live-Action. Nellie in The Half-Breed strings along several men — dating Sheriff Dunn, canoodling eponymous half-Native American Lo and meeting him in the forest for trysts, dating local businessman Jack Brice. In the end she tells Jack that he's the only man she ever loved. But she has a convincing way to seduce them.

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Sugarpuss in Ball of Fire seems to enjoy flirting with the shy English professor Bertram while she waits to elope with her fugitive boyfriend. At first, she tries Distracting with the Sexy to convince him to live in the mansion he shares with his colleagues, and then continues to use this tactic to make him allow her to stay longer. She demonstrates what the phrase "yum yum" means and smooches him a couple of times, and re-enacts the first time he became attracted to her.

It works like a charm, however, it worked a little too much because the next day, Bertram proposes to her.

The Story of Temple Drake : How Temple gets her rocks off, by luring all the bachelors in town to spend time and money on her, and letting them feel her up, but never actually having sex with them. One annoyed suitor says "You always do that. Fire a man up and then poof, put him out.

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He is clearly tempting all the sexy, horny women in the village with the promises of erotic delights that he has no intention of delivering, because he's a priest. He even goes so far as to brush the cheek of poor frustrated Barny, his main target, with the sleeve of his cassock during a church service. What's unclear is if Leon teases Barny and all the other lonely women as a means of roping them in to the Catholic Church, or whether he does it For the Evulz. Despite Cersei's best attempts to get her to commit adultery so she can be discredited, it seems that Margaery flirts but is too clever to let it go any further.

Seems to be a Tyrell family trait: Margaery's brother, Loras "The Knight of Flowers" Tyrell, regularly puts on a show of distributing white roses to his female fans during tournaments before singling out one to give a red rose to, all designed to pump up his reputation as a knight and, incidentally, obfuscate the fact that he's very gay in a very much non-gay-friendly setting.

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She proceeds to explain in lurid detail exactly what a hot chick with Super Strength could do to him if she wished, but then smirks and says, "But it would be wrong. At least, not that season. And the actual Buffy does a Foe Yay version when Spike first gets his Restraining Bolt , preventing him from biting humans. Buffy: Oh, look at my poor neck.

All bare and tender and exposed. All that blood just pum-ping away. Spike: Giles, make her stop! Castle: You should really moonlight [as a dominatrix]. Trust me — you would make a fortune. Come on, isn't there anything you would like to do with your handcuffs besides arresting criminals?

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Beckett: No Castle: [disappointed] See, you're already a tease — you're halfway there. I got my cat moves that so upset them. Little girl, big teaser, So I'm on my way. Professional Wrestling. Alissa Flash's gimmick besides Sensational Sherri eye paint used to be that she would wear a jacket that exposed a sports bra, and then zip it up so no one could see it.

Can you imagine that the fans in the Impact Zone booed her for this? Love and Velvet have even leaned in almost mouth to mouth during their entrances, only to pull away when the camera zooms in and give nothing but a mocking finger wag. Molly Holly , in a very Leaning on the Fourth Wall way. Her WWE Divas Undressed shoot included her showing cleavage in a pajama top with most of the buttons unbuttoned except for the one that would actually have shown her breasts if she unbuttoned it, clearly aware that viewers would want her to unbutton that button and that she wouldn't do it.

Video Games. Teasing your fellow pilots to see you in Bunny Suits doesn't count? Or walking around in nothing but a towel. Or mercilessly hitting on the guys she knows are either shy or easily flustered around women. Sylvia Christel from No More Heroes , almost sadistically so. Of course, the person she's teasing is Travis , a bit of an easy target.

Karura in Utawarerumono does this a lot. Although she's generally joking or simply, well, teasing, it's pretty clear she would like to be taken up on her offers. Anise thinks she can be this and she tries, but due to being 13 and looking about 10, she fails hilariously, most notably in one skit appropriately titled "Operation Sexy Anise Luke and Guy tease her by saying the monsters seemed drawn to her and ask her to wear it again for the next battle.

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Judith from Tales of Vesperia loves making Raven faint. Judith : I wonder if I should show a little more, you know? Raven : Oh, yes! I would be naked. Does this mean we are engaged? Without a proposal? How improper!