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9 Typical Signs of an Emotionally Unstable Person

Carly Snyder is one of a small cohort of medical physicians specializing in reproductive psychiatry. Her approach combines traditional psychiatric treatment and integrative medicine-based treatments to optimize the body and mind.

How to identify a euthymic mood

She was part of an important discussion surrounding fertility , pregnancy , and loss. Below, Dr. Snyder shares her advice on how to keep your mood stable when facing infertility. As little girls, many of us imagined motherhood and it all seems easy and fun. When reality counters this childhood fantasy, there is a sense of loss, anxiety, disappointment and even anger. Should the process of getting pregnant be easy and fun?

Why am I feeling more stressed than optimistic? Trying to conceive is different for each woman and often changes with each child. For some women, the process is seamless, quick and painless.

Euthymia and Bipolar Disorder

For others, it can take months or even years to successfully get or to remain pregnant. With each passing month, the sense of urgency often builds along with frustration. The longer it takes to conceive, the more getting pregnant can feel like a job and not the fun type.

Each month becomes a roller coaster of emotions between anticipation, excitement and then disappointment to despair. Bearing the burden of being the one to get and stay pregnant, to bring a baby into the family is a heavy weight to walk around with, and this breeds anxiety and sometimes unwarranted guilt. In every other aspect of our lives we can dictate change — want a new job, go network and find one; want to lose five pounds, exercise and cut back on dessert, and so forth.

Mood Disorders Stable with Valbenazine for Tardive Dyskinesia | MD Magazine

You could also call NHS for an immediate assessment. Or visit the Samaritans website or email jo samaritans. The high and low phases of bipolar disorder are often so extreme that they interfere with everyday life. They aim to control the effects of an episode and help someone with bipolar disorder live life as normally as possible. It's thought using a combination of different treatment methods is the best way to control bipolar disorder. Find out more about living with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder, like all other mental health problems, can get worse during pregnancy. But specialist help is available if you need it. Find out more about bipolar disorder in pregnancy. Converting to a more healthy diet will help you maintain a stable mood and help your overall well-being. Avoid any type of foods, such as caffeine, that can cause your blood sugar or energy to rise and crash.

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Exercise daily to keep yourself busy, relieve stress, and create mental clarity. Lastly, avoid drugs and alcohol because these two things can aggravate your symptoms. Mood and Anxiety Disorder Do you feel like your anxiety or emotions get the better of you and hold you back from living a full life? What is Bipolar Disorder?

The Link Between Sleep and Mood

Types of Bipolar Disorder Treatments: Medications There are medications that can used that will treat bipolar disorder by balancing levels of neurochemicals in the brain. Psychotherapy Therapy provides patients the opportunity to open up about their disorder. What is Anxiety Disorder?


Anxiety Disorder Treatment Medications Medication can be a short or long term treatment option, depending on your symptoms and your response to treatment. These medications work by increasing levels of the brain chemical serotonin, which regulates mood, appetite, and sleep Psychotherapy Our professional and caring therapists use a variety of methods to manage anxiety. Is your child dealing with OCD? Experiencing ups and downs in marriage? Is your memory and thinking affected?

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