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In fact, one of the best preludes to a date night can be a simple — but sexy — present. Following are the absolute sexiest surprises capable of being gift wrapped. Pheromones pique sexual interest, and pheromone-infused perfume or cologne can help subtly eroticize any dinner or movie to the point neither person can stay focused on eating or watching. For women, perfume will arouse the man. For men, pheromone-infused cologne will be a scent she cannot refuse. First, on the morning of date night, present your loved one with a chocolate rose.

Cosmo's Sexy Christmas Gift Guide 2013

For people not interested in flowers, a sweet-chocolate sentiment will more than suffice. Second, some of the most tantalizing chocolates in the world can be ordered at a romantic shag shop online. They are delicious and represent something truly exotic most people outside of Germany will never have tasted. Finally, add a flower and a personally written note. The scent of flowers have a calming effect on people, and intimate, personal expressions resonate straight to the heart.


Spend a week or so thinking about what to write. Once you have something special in mind, set yourself to writing. Note: if you write by hand, get extra pieces of stationery.

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There should be no scribbles or eraser marks. If you type, make sure the sentiment is centered nicely within the stationery. Sex dust is an aromatherapy herbal blend with a reputation for relaxing the mind while exciting the libido. For best results on date night, it is best presented during the morning with instructions to open it at work, if possible, to be left open on the desk.

In this case, the sentiment should not be anything explicit. The guaranteed result is your significant other enjoying a soothing day at work as his or her imagination remains piqued for part two.

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Okay, this particular gift, perhaps, cannot be wrapped, but it represents one of the best, most pleasurable gifts. For best possible results, it should take place before dinner. For most people, a couch will do the trick. Let me tell you about a conversation I have had with my husband. Many times. Does anyone else ever go through this conversation with their husbands? I will spare you the details on how the night went, but it probably goes without saying that he absolutely LOVED this present.


It was one of the best gifts ever- simple, meaningful and exactly what he wanted. Somewhat Simple is a source of inspiration that covers everything from recipes, projects,travel tips and more.

6 Sexy Gifts To Buy Your Partner If You Want To Blow Their Mind

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Notify me of new posts by email. Thank you for these great ideas. My husband and I have been together 21yrs married for 17yrs.

That being said we need a little spice in the bedroom and you just gave me some great ideas. Um, did my husband pay you to write this post then add it to our link party. This is such a great idea! I love how simple it is, but it is exactly what my husband would want! Have a look at them! Check them out Oh, and you're welcome.

Sexy Truth Or Dare

The Surprise Party Give your partner a surprise blow job And he will be more than willing to return the favour. The Post-Coital Moves Climb on his back, after sex. Start kneading your hands into his back to give him a relaxing massage. He'll be thankful - and more inclined to get started on round two!

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  • 2. Triple chocolate delight with a sweet sentiment.
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The Human Birthday Cake On his birthday, instead of getting him a regular cake, smear icing on yourself! It might not seem like much - but it's the best present he'll get that month! The Kama Sutra Buy your guy a copy of this tantric tale and point out the pages you would be inclined to try out with him.

The ultimate sexy Christmas gift guide: Here’s what your girlfriend really wants in her stocking

No, not just any CD but one that has your favourite music to ahem.. Let the music play! The Sexy Edition Get a jenga set from a local toy store. Pull out 15 bricks from the set and, using a permanent marker, scribble naughty dares and tasks on each brick. Whoever pulls out one of those bricks, during the game, has to follow the secret, sexy instructions! Edible Finger Paints These are easily available online.