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The best places to appreciate the ninja today are Iga and Koka - the traditional heartlands of the ninja, and Togakushi in Nagano - home of the Togakure school of ninja.

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Other ninja attractions include those found at theme parks and are relatively more commercialized. Ninja scenarios are recreated and ninja shows are staged according to popular conceptions for entertainment.

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Ninja mansions are a feature at many ninja locations. They are houses built with trapdoors and secret passages, forming mazes which visitors have to find their way through.

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Several travel companies offer tour packages that allow participants to put on a samurai armor or ninja costume, learn about the various weapons and techniques, and in some cases take part in a mock battle. One of these companies, Japanican , offers several samurai and ninja tours. Sign In. Plan a Trip.

Various types of throwing stars. Ninja clothing. Iga Ueno.

The small but well done Iga Ninja Museum consists of a ninja residence with revolving walls, trap doors and hidden compartments, exhibition halls displaying ninja tools, gadgets and weapons, and a demonstration zone with spectacular shows featuring ninja skills and real weapons. The Koka Ninja Village is remote, rural and run-down.

Attractions include a house with secret doors and hidden compartments, a simple museum displaying various manuals and tools utilized by the Koka Ninja, a secret tunnel under a well and a throwing star throwing range. This close to year old mansion used to be resided in by ninja and appears like an ordinary house from the outside; inside however, it is equipped with many ingenious traps and devices. Visitors are allowed to explore the house and discover its various trapdoors and secret passages.

This museum showcases tools and weapons used by the ninja of the Togakure school as well as many interesting photographs of them practicing various techniques in warfare and infiltration. There is also a very entertaining ninja mansion with a labyrinth of many secret doors, passages and contraptions.

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Closed in winter. Located in the same area, this small theme park features ninja mansions, obstacle courses and jungle gyms. The idea is to have fun whilst pretending to be a ninja undergoing training. The park targets children, but some of its attraction are also fun for adults.

This temple earned its nickname because of its many deceptive defenses, aimed at guarding against possible intruders or attack.

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Guided tours in Japanese are conducted to introduce its hidden tunnels, secret rooms, traps, and labyrinth of corridors and staircases. Kinugawa Onsen. Ninja-related attractions include a maze, the Ninja House of Illusion and live ninja performances on stage. Aku sends a ninja to destroy Jack who is busily helping a port town in distress This episode is subtitled 22 mins.

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  6. Jack enters a village to discover that he is their Chosen One meant to embody the Robo-Samurai and destroy the Mondo-bot that has come to destroy them This episode is subtitled 22 mins. Jack is approached by a cool Samurai punk who wants to battle with Jack in order to prove that he is the best This episode is subtitled 21 mins. When Aku catches a cold and sneezes on Jack, Jack becomes infected with Aku's badness which then begins to take over his entire body This episode is subtitled 22 mins.

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    When Aku raises the bounty on Jack, the best bounty hunters in the world gather to capture him This episode is subtitled 22 mins. Jack has lost all memory of who he is and it's up to the Scotsman to put the pieces of the puzzle together to save the samurai This episode is subtitled 22 mins. Jack has lost all memory of who he is and it's up to the Scotsman to put the pieces of the puzzle together to save the samurai This episode is subtitled 21 mins.

    Jack helps save a Prince and Princess whose ship has been shot down to Earth by Aku This episode is subtitled 22 mins.

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    Tired of all the bounty hunters and robots failing, Aku fights Jack, mano y mano This episode is subtitled 22 mins. As Jack goes through fall, winter, spring and summer, he must battle the perils that each season brings This episode is subtitled 22 mins. Aku forces an old, ace robot assassin out of retirement to eliminate the ultimate mark - Jack This episode is subtitled 21 mins. This episode is subtitled 22 mins.