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The studio was following a tried-and-true recipe for success. Add in a cast of well-known actors into the mix, and the studio was convinced it had a winner on its hands. Movie theaters around the country agreed, and The Other Side of Midnight was scheduled for a nationwide release.

But 20th Century Fox had a problem. The studio had invested a similar amount to produce another movie, one that execs feared would be a bust. That movie was to come out in late May, and, to make matters worse, Universal Studios was set to release the much-anticipated Burt Reynolds film Smokey and the Bandit around the same time.

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The second 20th Century Fox movie, due to weak marketing, low expectations, and strong competition, found a hard time getting onto screens — only about 40 theaters decided to show it for its May 25th release date. In , the U.

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Supreme Court barred the practice , but 20th Century Fox decided to try the gambit once more. Matthew Blanchard.

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The Other Side of Midnight

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Other Side of Midnight

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