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It is likely that any sealer will alter the feel and texture of the felt and perhaps also the look and color. So this is something you would have to test out. I have read about some artists using hairspray on their work to help stop the bobbles. That may be worth a try on test pieces.

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Pilling or bobbling though is just a common issue with anything made from wool so that's the nature of the fabric you're working with. Is there a way to shrink felt back when it has been overstretched in just one area. I have a felt Christmas stocking, where there is a small area at the top of the stocking in the cuff, where the felt is very thin and frayed,almost making a hole.

I don't want to replace the whole cuff because of the embroidery on it. Is there any way to place a small piece of the same color felt right behind this thin area. I would not wish to replace the cuff with embroidery either. Where I've had similar issues with some older but treasured felt decorations, I have placed a small patch of felt right behind at the back of the thinning area and stitched it carefully just on the back of the felt only.

You can also use a small amount of fabric glue if you are unable to stitch this piece in place. As long as the color is the same, it will give the appearance of the cuff looking good. And also the patch should help you to enjoy the stocking for longer. I am making a set of "paper" dolls for my granddaughter out of felt and I wanted to double the layers for the bodies with a layer of interfacing sandwiched in between for stiffening but I'm not sure what glue to use to really bond the edges tightly so they don't peel apart.

What would you suggest? Glues and adhesives are always difficult when it comes to felt and I'm never completely satisfied with the end result.

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I would advise doing a few test pieces on some scraps of felt with any white craft glues that you already have to see how well they work. Aleene's have a specific felt and foam tacky glue which I've never tried but some people swear by when it comes to felt.

DIY Easy Fabric Pumpkin

I do use the regular Aleene's tacky glue and that works OK but doesn't always stick felt onto felt so well together. Hot glue will stick the felt extremely well together but can easily ruin the look if you're not careful. If it was me and the dolls are not too tiny, I'd stitch the edges down with a sewing machine because even though more effort that stitching will hold fast and it will last.

That may not be an option due to the sizing though. Thanks for all this helpful information. The flowers are layered with 3 different felt colours glued together. My question is I would really appreciate some advice..

Materials to Sew a Wool Felt Beret

To check whether the felt is ever likely to run in case you need to wash your quilt in cold water, you can do a colorfast test on some scraps of the felt that you're using for the flowers. With some small pieces of the felt, wash in cold water and then place the wet pieces onto paper towel.

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  6. If any color bleeds onto the paper towel, then the color may run when washed. If you no longer have any spare scraps of the same felt, take a clean white cloth, wet it and rub the underside of the flowers with it. If any color comes off onto the cloth that means that the color on the felt may run when washed. Felt flowers may lose a little shape when washed but I'd advise not rubbing the flowers when wet. This should help them keep the original shape better.

    No Sew Felt Project: Unicorn Pouch Craft

    Your fidget blanket sounds like a really lovely idea for your Mum. Good luck finishing it off. I love to craft in the winter and garden in the summer. I make handmade cards, papercrafts, crochet and seasonal crafts. I enjoy many of the more traditional crafts and hobbies including sewing, embroidery and working with felt and fabric.

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    Felt Zipper Pouch Tutorial (As Part Of Quiet Book Page)

    Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Ultimate Guide to Craft Felt Material I love working with craft felt so I thought I'd share a lot of advice, tips and information on this brilliant and versatile material. The ultimate guide to craft felt is split into handy sections for you so it is easier to find the information you need and also to dip in and out of and come back to as you need to. This amazing fabric is often used to create plush toys, unique jewelry, home decor, kids crafts and more.

    Whether you are new to crafting with this fabric or you already use it and want to know even more on the topic, you can discover a lot more by reading on. I now have some cedar balls tucked away with my felt.

    Making Nuno Felt Fabric

    Not only do they keep the moths away, but my felt smells great, too. Unfortunately, wool felt is not something you can pop into the washing machine.

    Felt: A Fabric Guide – Plush Addict

    Dry cleaning is typically recommended, though you can try handwashing with a detergent such as Woolite. Since colors can bleed, if your garment includes more than one color of felt, you should try spot cleaning first. Of course, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer if you have them available. Use sharp scissors. Felt will dull them. I keep one pair of scissors separate just for using with felt, including a pair of embroidery scissors for the tiny spots.

    Use freezer paper.

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    Then I sew around the pattern piece, remove the freezer paper, and cut the object close to the stitching line. Finally, cut out the whole object. In the case of the maple leaf mug rug, if you cut the leaf shape out of all three layers, you may find the pieces have shifted before you finish leaving you with a distorted mug rug. Previous post Sewing Projects for Kids Series.