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The only difference was that, then, I had an okay excuse to fall into credit card debt: I was making very little money, and doing so irregularly. But this time around, I had a good, steady job, making decent money.

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I had nothing to blame but my own stupidity. That September I took a workshop that, for the first time in my life, got me a budget. That step put me on the road to knocking out the credit card and student loan debt, saving up enough money to freelance, and then quitting and now earning more than I ever did in any full-time job — all in the span of four-and-a-half years. If your bills give you anxiety and your debts are getting in the way of other dreams, it may be time for you to follow the path that I did.

This may seem like a throwaway tip, but it is one of the most important. Getting out of debt is hard.

1. Pay More Than the Minimum

It takes maintaining discipline over a long period of time. It demands lifestyle changes. It also sometimes requires bucking peer pressure. If you and your partner are collectively in debt, they'll need to be on board as well. It's not possible to do this on your own if your other half is still spending up a storm. If those goals are more important to you than nights out and wearing the latest styles, then you have the mindset to get out of debt.

How To Get Out Of Debt Fast Even On A Low Income

In a spreadsheet, list all your debts, balances, interest rates and minimum payments — and find out the total of what you owe. Knowing the total will give you a rough sense of how long this might take. Within the next month, it will start to get smaller. Knowing your minimum payments will help you budget, and having your interest rates will help you decide on your debt repayment strategy.

List your debts in order of highest-interest rate to lowest. Tally up your minimum payments so you know the minimum amount you need to put toward your credit cards every month. Keep the list easily accessible and editable so you can refer back to it in the coming months. But beware the fine print. If your main debt is a mortgage, look into refinancing.

How to pay off credit card debt fast

If you decide refinancing might make sense for you, check out some of the new online lenders, such as CommonBond , Earnest , SoFi and Upstart , that have cropped up to help burdened graduates. Plus, also see if any credit unions available to you have appealing refi rates. Knowing where your money goes will help you spot where you can cut expenses. And note anything that was more expensive than it should have been, and get used to searching for coupon codes for online purchases and only shopping at in-store sales.

Figure out your annual take-home pay — what hits your bank account after taxes and k retirement contributions. Tally up your necessary expenses: housing, transportation hold off on including discretionary cabs and ride shares for now , utilities and groceries.

Maybe your cell phone plan provides you with many more minutes than you need every month? If you are single, you may want to get a roommate to save on housing costs. Now, calculate what percentage of your take-home pay your minimum debt payments are. Finally, see how much you have left to live on each month. Divide the leftover by 4.

Is this enough to live on each week for your dining out, shopping, gym, entertainment, travel, gifts, cable, health and other costs? Now that you have a monthly debt repayment target, go back to your debt spreadsheet. I have always been a bigger fan of increasing your income as opposed to slashing debt.

However, I do think most people have a disposition to not wanting to work more and would rather shrink expenses. Great post about paying of debt. I am trying to start that road myself but first I have to get caught up on the bills I am behind on. I have tried to find ways to make extra money doing on line surveys, I have tried the blog thing, Now I am trying to sell stuff on ebay, so far none of them have helped.

Wish me luck. Under current difficult economic times, it pays to work extra hard and put in more effort into improving our income. Certainly, this is one of the quicker ways to get out of debt — especially when you have tried tightening your belt and found that there is not much you can do as your monthly household expenses be further reduced.

Great articles! Thanks for writing this! Being in debt is not a place to be.

What's The Fastest Way To Pay Off Debt?

You have to work out what works best for you. Financial education is crucial, so as to better evaluate your options and not be hook winked or misled. Brokers usually look out for themselves. When you are financially savvy, you can make informed decisions. I feel overwhelmed and depressed. Things like this are never planned for, they just happen. Viv, when you are paying the lowest balance first, you must still continue to make the minimum payment on all your other debt. The point is to take any extra money you have and put it on the smallest balance.


12 of the Fastest & Most Effective Ways to Get Out of Debt & Pay Down Debt

Sometimes things are just outside of our control. Best of luck. Absolutely the most important point is spend less than you make. No matter what else you might be doing to try to get out of debt, if you fail at spending less than you make you fail at getting out of debt. Even though I do not agree with Mr.

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Ramsey on everything, I do agree with the principal of paying off the lowest balance first. Add a good sound and manageable budget with this and any consumer in debt will be feeling good about themselves again rather soon. A big issue with a lot of people is the feeling of despair when they are over there heads in debt. When people are working their budget, setting goals and then accomplishing them in a rather short period of time, it will create a great momentum swing for them. The more results they get, the more vigor they will attack the next one with.

I like 7, preparing a budget. Many consumers dont monitor their income vs. If consumers do this, they can target their income and expenses and in turn, get out of debt imo.. Thank you for this tips because I have a problem when it comes to debt. What I am doing right now is using checking account to pay my debt by depositing my salary on that account. I got into trouble with debt at a young age and it took many years to overcome it.

Since then I refuse to use an credit cards or loans. This forces myself to either work for the money or do without. Works much better. I am at the point in debt that I cannot even open a checking account! My car got repossesed due to not being able to get my car out of repo yard, expired tags and then it just started rolling. I am terrible pay bills.. I am low income as well and single mom of teen twins! What should I do first? Website suggestions? The best way to eliminate debt, is to not have it.

When in need of credit card help tho, consolidation is best imo. Due to illness and then unemployment, I accummulated a large amount of debt. One of the ways I did this was to create what I call the Debt Buster spreadsheet. I have posted it on my blog where anybody can download it for free.