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Meet Mentoria Hutchinson, NYPD's Dancing Traffic Cop - The New York Times

Contact Us. Bored by the monotony of directing traffic, Cianca developed his distinctive style to keep himself and commuters alert during rush hour.

Vic Cianca Directing Traffic

Cianca's antics led to a spot on a episode of Candid Camera, which turned out to be one of the series' most popular segments. We figured out how direct traffic in a way that directly impacted our business.

All we needed was to figure out a goal and how to get there. With the help of analytics, business owners have the power to influence their customers in endless ways. Take advantage of that power by using the aggressive approach to website design.

Direct traffic, gain customers. Since we had so much fun directing traffic on our site, let us take a shot at yours!

If you think users are getting lost on your site and can be re-directed to positively benefit your business, get in touch.