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Sparkle and Puff Holiday Cones. On the Fringe Cushion. Festive Pom Boot Cuffs.

Crochet Hat Tutorial - Easy Perfect Fit Pattern!

Firework Pop Granny Square. Let Your Buns Out Hat. Tutti Frutti Crochet Slippers. Harlequin Leg Warmers.

Bunny Beanie with Ears Free Crochet Pattern (Boy and Girl)

Warm Waffles Hooded Cowl. Warm Waffles Handwarmers. Sharp Dressed Man Vest. Woven Dreams Baby Blanket. Steampunk and Stars Cowl. Two Peas in a Pod. Volcano Bag. Leaf Applique. Mouse and Cheese Amigurumi. Mushroom Amigurumi. Avocado Amigurumi. Corn Amigurumi. Tomato Amigurumi. Bumble Bee Amigurumi. String of Hearts Cup Cozy. Fish Amigurumi. Scientist Amigurumi. Gnome Amigurumi. Lemons to Lemonade Pillow. All Year Round Poncho. Patchwork Medley Baby Blanket.

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Share your work on Facebook! Shop Here. Follow me on Instagram. Enjoy this video and subscribe to my channel on YouTube for more tutorials on how to crochet! Leave a comment, and share with your friends! Below you will find a list of all crochet video tutorials, click the link to be directed to the video tutorial. This piece can be worn anywhere, but definitely has an urban fashion feel that wraps you up and protects you from the hustle and bustle as […] FREE Written Crochet Pattern: The Uptown Blanket Scarf - As soon as the summer ends and the temperature starts to change, I get started on all my fall and winter fashion pieces.

This can be made for anyone. I am planning to release pieces of this ensemble from now through mid-October. Nasir is going to be Max. As each piece of the costume is released, I will update my blog to bring more and more pieces to life. Be sure to follow along to see all these updates! How about incorporating a little weaving with your crochet? My Chain Weaver Slouchy hat brings these two crafts together to make one great project! You are guaranteed to find something in this blog post that will brighten up any nursery, please any mama or mama-to-be, be perfect for gift giving, and bring so much […] Crochet Tutorial: The Bow-tastic Hat - For those of us who are all about wearing fabulous accessories, let me present The Bow-tastic Hat!!

This hat allows for you to interchange the bow in order to match your OOTD outfit of the day!! Whether it is to keep your hair off of your face or out of your eyes for any reason, this cute boho scarf is a little accessory to add to your summer or all year-round wardrobe.

See more details about it here!

The guys in our lives are no exception. Perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing around the house. Not heading to the beach?


Why not wear this Sand-n-Sea Beach Tunic over a tank top with Jean cut-offs or over your favorite sundress! Really you can NOT go wrong with this top! Next time you head to the water, you will want to have this […] Crochet Tutorial: Star Ring Rattle Teething Toy - I tried a new project that is simple enough for the beginner and fun for the seasoned crocheter!

The Star Ring Rattle is perfect for any baby nursery, gift, or layette! My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away. This design makes the contrasting color look like mini hearts!! These socks are so incredibly warm and fashionable!

I have made socks working from the cuff down to the toes, but this sock is created starting from the toes and working its way […] Crochet Tutorial: Baby Hiking Sandals - Summer season is around the corner. Time to start getting that wardrobe ready. These baby hikers can be made in any color and added to any outfit for just the right touch! My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for […] Crochet Tutorial: Think Spring Cowl - Groundhog Day came with the promise of spring, but with the way the Wisconsin weather has been, you would never know!

So it is time to think spring with my new Think Spring Cowl! This lightweight beauty was created using this elegant yarn by Willow Yarns. Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law!! Check out the tutorial for these super simple booties and make bunches of them today!! Change things up with this hat to make it uniquely your own—Eye color, Pom Poms, and yarn color can give this owl different characteristics! Using a simple leaf design, dress up a door wreath for the holiday or ANY time of the year!

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This lovely home decor accent is the perfect way to greet your guests this holiday season! Happy, Happy Holidays […] 12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Mitten Gift Card Holder - A mitten gift card holder is a perfect way to showcase your gift for those hard to buy for people on your list! This 11th Day of Christmas projects is easy and fun and will add just the right personal touch. I made a holiday headband using the same flower design I used in my bridal bouquets for my wedding earlier this year! I used a small bead detail to adorn the center for the perfect touch!

Stripe Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern: Child Size

With it brings us this Poinsettia with Pearls! Oooohhh…another idea—make several and cascade them down a stairway banister! So many options!! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make this garland: My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away.

Crochet Bunny Hat Pattern - Repeat Crafter Me

This is the 5th project for our 12 Days of Christmas project! Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this greeting card: My dad will continue to be the videographer, […] 12 Days of Christmas: Mistletoe Sprig - Spice up your holiday with a bough of Mistletoe! Hang this among your Christmas decor as a sign of love and friendship. This project is Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas projects! December is already flying by! We are beginning our 12 Days of Christmas project! Wisconsin is in for a major snowstorm tonight! Time to grab your hook and get going on this adorable Polar Bear Cup Cozy!

Pair these with a gift card and they make fantastic stocking stuffers. Try this fun bow greeting card and add a gift card in the front of it!! Thanksgiving, Christmas, The New Year! We are not limited to only this time to Give Thanks,, but it is a time to deeply reflect on the gratitude we feel for all we have.

An extremely simple pattern […] How to Crochet Tutorial: Patchouli Poncho - There are a variety of fiber textures that I used to create this eclectic boho-inspired poncho! I decided to create this free-flowing Patchouli Poncho that just begs you to get outdoors on a beautiful day and feel the sunshine pour down upon you! You will be able to make this quick and easy project faster than anyone can say Trick-or-Treat!

Using all double crochet stitches we will make the wrap first, then add the lines that section off each corner using surface crochet stitches.