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Known for his insane strength and awesome smile, he was Sonny and Ric recall the workout days at Bill Pearl's gym in Inglewood with great workouts and great inspiration from Bill Pearl, one of the best in the world. One of the first real icons of bodybuilding history.

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Bill Pearl was a real driving force of the industry. Launching several gyms and fitness clubs throughout his Some highlights of Bill Pearl's seminar at our gyms 10th anniversary. This is a list of 10 people I either knew personally, read about, or just found out were vegan or vegetarian that slowly influenced me from not even considering This is a brief archival presentation of bodybuilder Jim Morris posing at Bill Pearl's Pasadena Health Club in , a year prior to his victory at the Mr.

Charles trained with the best and at Vince Gironda's gym as well as Gold's.

Bill Pearl & Dave Draper: A Conversation

He was on the cover of Weider Magazines and over trophies in competing. It is very rare to find a bodybuilding magazine written by a Mr Olympia winner, Building the body is such a publication. Written by Frank Zane and contributors , Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for the most up to date insights into my diet, training and lifestyle Anaerobixx! The Golden Era of Bodybuilding was a period of pure inspiration for classic bodybuilding.

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This is merely an emulation to show appreciation. Three iron greats discuss random topics on bodybuilding August 13, Someone kindly found Sorry for the spelling mistakes,hope you learned some useful shit. Bill Pearl at our gyms 10 yr anniversary. Background music by Skeebo Knight. Probably the coolest piece of bodybuilding history I've ever seen. Signed by multiple Mr. Olympia winners and golden era bodybuilders. Special thanks to Tim Most people in their quest for developing maximum muscularity with a minimum of body fat Chuck has many stories about the old days at Muscle beach from the 's to present and was best friends with Joe Gold, Arnold and many more.

He even Bill Pearl's Keys to the Inner Universe, a review. Developing the Low Bicep the Larry Scott way!

Bill Pearl's Colour Posters, Autographed! Clarence Ross' Definition and Symmetry Routine, Mr America video Continuing this series of videos on Clarence Ross' routines in preparation for the Mr America title, we look at his 2nd month of preparation, where he used a full Bodybuilding Legend - Bill Pearl Training video Very little training footage exists of this superb bodybuilding legend.

But always went, and will always to to Leo Stern, even to this day, for advice.

I know I couldn't get any finer advice anywhere. It's awful hard to have eyes in the back of your head and Leo has been in my corner all these years, and I look up to him all the time. If it wasn't for Leo I couldn't have accomplished anything I had ever done in the game. In fact, if it wasn't for him I don't think I would be in the gym business today. Whenever the name of Pearl crops up in a conversation Leo's there and wants to know what's being said and if it isn't right he almost has a fit.

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I've seen him jump all over people on account of conversations regarding Pearl. Bill speaks further of Leo: "He's a fine friend and I don't mind telling you he put out a lot of money and time to help me when I was a young kid in the service. He fed me for months on end and put out a lot of money to help me travel here and there. I mean money from his own pocket when he had absolutely nothing at all to gain from it.

I haven't made enough from magazine articles and pictures to buy a good set of clothes and Leo is the same. It was a lot of hard teamwork to see if we could make the best out of what we had. It was the annual Mr. San Diego affair and he placed third. He was really pleased with this showing and it inspired him to work harder. I would like to inject at this point some of Bill's comments on things that were happening on the weight scene at this time.

One of the places that always intrigued me was Muscle Beach which was the bodybuilders' so-called mecca. I can remember sitting indoors on those cold rainy evenings in Northern England reading about Santa Monica's famed Muscle Beach. The late Earle Liederman's gossip columns were always full of fascinating stories about the place. Alas when I finally did make it to the golden state of California, Muscle Beach was no more. The place I had read about and dreamed of visiting for so long was just another stretch of sand with winos and hippies walking the promenade where Steve Reeves and other immortals of the iron game had once strode.

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I have since found out, after talking to a great many people, that Muscle Beach was not the hallowed place it was cracked up to be by certain magazines. I would like you to hear Bill Pearl's impressions and I hope I'm not bursting too many people's balloons or dreams here, but truth will out, and Bill's opinion was and is shared by a great many people who knew the place well.

I can recall I had gone up there a few times to see what went on and at that time things had gotten really bad. There were a lot of new kids coming out from New York and other parts of the country and some of the things these guys were doing down there were absolutely degrading to the sport. The antics they were pulling on the boardwalk and some of the comments made to the young girls -- in fact most of the things that were taking place were just a little bit too much.

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They were so loud and rude I was disgusted at the whole affair. I remember going back to see Leo and I told him I was going to quit training. He couldn't understand why and I told him I just wasn't raised that way and I was just going to continue on with my wrestling. In fact, I was doing so well at my wrestling I was hoping to make the Olympic Games team in Leo came up and saved the day by telling me that just because some of these clowns were acting this way it didn't mean that I had to be like them or get involved in any way.

Leo said to me, 'Let them play their games; divorce yourself from these people. You don't have to associate with them.

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Not that I'm a goody-goody, it's just that my attitude toward the sport is entirely different from theirs. Some of these kids were on an evil kick that wouldn't quit and I never was like that and didn't want any part of it. He got to know him real well at these contests and they have been good friends ever since. There is only one Zabo Koszewski. He's as much a part of Santa Monica as the sand itself. Bill has some real nice comments on Zabo and I would like to quote him.

When I won the Mr. Southern California title Zabo placed second. America title Zabo was third. At that time he was hard on my heels all the way and I think he would have done a lot better if I wasn't on the scene. Zabo is about as remarkable a man as you could find anywhere. He's 46 years old and has been in really fantastic shape all the time, year in, year out. He's devoted virtually his entire life strictly to the game.

I really admire the man and I feel he is another one of those people who have given much, much more than they have taken from the game. America title as he wanted to so very much. To continue on year after year in great shape as he has done really takes a lot of will power, believe me, I know. Zabo is like me in one respect; if he can't beat them on stage he will beat them in age.

He is a real nice person and has been a good influence on a lot of kids down around the beach area over the years. They look upon Zabo as the King; in fact that's what they call him, and believe me, he is the King. Zabo's words are never ignored and what he says is the gospel.

He has done a great deal for these you7ng kids and he tries to keep them on the right path. I see him every now and again and I can honestly say I've always liked the man. I hope he will be around for a long time yet. Southern California and Mr. California titles over such outstanding competition by a substantial margin, Leo suggested he should enter the Mr. America contest to get some additional experience and exposure.

He was improving by leaps and bounds and Leo thought he would make a good showing if he kept up his present rate of improvement. One snag that confronted them was the fact that the Mr. America event was to be held not too long after the Mr. California contest. In Leo's learned opinion, a man can only peak out about twice a year, and his normal plan would have been to have Bill bulk up for a while, then cut back to be in top shape for the Mr.

Here are some of Leo's comments on his thinking at that time: "Bill had fooled around with weights a lot but his serious training time, at the time he won the Mr. California event amounted to only two years. Bill, however, surprised me by coming along as quickly as he did. When he had first set foot in the gym I can recall him having a large-boned, rugged type of physique that had possibilities, but at that time he was nothing more than a sturdy individual.

He told me he had worked out at home and at the YMCA and anywhere else he could locate weights. His main interest at that time seemed tobe his wrestling, at which he was very good.